Petroflex: Polyethylene pipes fundamental for ensuring water efficiency

When faced with a drought scenario like the one currently affecting Chile, adequate water conduction systems and efficient drainage applications are crucial to ensuring efficient water usage. The objective is to manage the resource for the benefit of both agriculture and people.

Hans Schwarzenberg, general manager of Petroflex, said that it is necessary to continue advancing in the implementation of technical irrigation so that available water can be optimized to the maximum. He explained that even though the country has made advances with governmental and private support, there is still a long road ahead.

With a history of more than 40 years, Petroflex offers solutions and a portfolio of top-quality products. Among these polyethylene pipes stand out, even for tubing irrigation canals, by allowing accurate and efficient transportation of water resources.

Schwarzenberg explained that these pipes are basic inputs for irrigation systems in agriculture. “We have registered a greater requirement, for which we had to adapt our production capacity to meet demand,” he said.


One of Petroflex’s main products is drainage applications which feature a unique, perforated design. These prevent obstructions in the majority of terrains, lengthening the usage life of projects implemented in the fields.

Petroflex will be present at the Agricultural Water Summit Chile – 2021 during which it will demonstrate its different lines of business with tubing, collectors, drainage, and hoses, destined for diverse industries such as agriculture, mining, fishing, forestry, and industry in general, to attend.

In these decades of experience, innovation has been a fundamental pillar for the company. The general manager explained the “We have a product committee that permits us to implement and develop different solutions, from a type of hose which meets specific requirements to looking for technology outside of Chile and bringing it back to contribute to our lines of business.

He added that one of the main characteristics Petroflex offers is that its products are easy for users to operate. Additionally, the company provides technical advice after purchases to assure correct installation and use, according to the solution sought by the client.


Publication date: December 17th, 2020