Rubicon Water: Technological solutions to optimize water resource management

Water scarcity worldwide has been the driving force to improve and develop new products that allow farmers to adapt to drought conditions.

It is therefore necessary to invest in technology that allows a more efficient distribution of water resources, and also to receive real-time information.

Rubicon is a company that generates water solutions, providing advanced technology to Water User Organizations (WUOs).

The company has a unique ability to provide its customers with solutions that are created to solve specific irrigation problems, as opposed to the traditional approach of adapting components that were designed for another purpose or another industry.

The company’s family of gate and meter products is internationally recognized for its advanced design and performance. In addition, confluent water resource management software facilitates faster and more efficient planning, delivery, management, billing and communication, while providing high-quality service to customers.

Rubicon’s gates and meters are based on advanced manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art digital instrumentation and circuitry that provide a high level of measurement and control accuracy at a competitive cost.

“We have supplied more than 30,000 flow meters and control gates, and many of the world’s largest irrigation districts have committed to our water management and accounting technology. In Chile we are working with the main Juntas de Vigilancia and Canal Associations such as Huasco, Elqui, Choapa, Aconcagua, Ñuble, Canal Bellavista, Canal Melozal, among others,” said Gastón Sagredo Tapia, Commercial Manager of Rubicon Water Chile.

“The coupling of the gate, meter and software solutions provides our customers with proven turnkey solutions, which eliminate long-term integration risks for our customers,” added Sagredo.

As a result, Rubicon’s customers have peace of mind knowing that their solutions can be implemented quickly, cost-effectively and with low risk.

Salvador Salgado, Manager of the Junta de Vigilancia de Río Ñuble, referred to his work with Rubicon and stated that working with the company has “allowed them to modernize the resource distribution systems, and the precise and constant measurement, allowing them to work efficiently in the current scenario of water scarcity; modern management requires working with appropriate technology for these new challenges”.

Salgado added that climate change has caused an abrupt rethinking of water use and management.

“We need clear policies that allow us to ensure food production, for example, something so essential for the subsistence of the human species. Therefore, having modern management and distribution systems will undoubtedly help us to collaborate in this sense and to think about integrated water resource management.”

Rubicon has an unprecedented capacity to improve the management of water resources at levels of efficiency and control. This is achieved by integrating flow meters and regulating gates with advanced remote control engineering.

The implementation of Rubicon’s technology allows to have a robust system, which from a central office can control each extraction point in the river or distribution point in the canals, delivering the flows accurately and at the right time.

In addition, the system generates alerts that can close the gates completely, or open them fully so that the physical operators only have to intervene to prevent, diagnose and solve problems.

At the canal level, Rubicon’s solutions enable OUAs to deliver water on demand, high and low flow, reducing losses at the end of the canals.

“Our solutions provide a service so that farmers are better positioned to make irrigation management decisions, receiving the water their crops need, at the right time and at the right rates, and adapting to variable situations that may arise,” noted the Commercial Manager.

“Rubicon has demonstrated that its modern system for the distribution and allocation of water resources works efficiently, not only in the Ñuble River basin, but also in larger and more complex systems than ours.  The facts speak for themselves,” emphasized Salgado.

This year in Chile, the Agricultural Water Summit will address key issues regarding the impact of water scarcity in the different regions of Chile, as well as the importance of applying new technologies and optimizing current irrigation systems for the efficient management and use of water. For more information, visit