Soprocal: Innovation in soil and efficiency in water use

Water is one of the most essential resources for agricultural industry. Its correct and efficient use is vital for every process, from soil preparation to fruit harvesting.

For years now, this key input has been scarce in the world, and the agricultural industry is therefore currently facing numerous challenges to increase the efficient use of water resources in all sectors and to provide solutions, innovation and technology for the management and preservation of water in agriculture.

In this area, Chilean company Soprocal is one of the leaders.

Founded in 1940, the company’s mission is to be a leader in Chile with its portfolio of products that deliver nutrients for fruit trees and crops to fully develop.

With 17 years of experience, Germán Dassé, Assistant Sales Manager at Soprocal, explained that “the main value of Soprocal is to provide an integrated service, considering that our objectives are to have high impact products that have low costs per hectare and that increase efficiency in the use of water”.

To achieve this, the company has ISO certifications to ensure homogeneity in the quality of its products and services. Its products are also suitable for organic crops.

Products and Services: Effective Solutions

Soprocal provides innovative products that provide effective solutions and increase the efficiency of crops in Chile. These include Super Gypsum, Fertil, Sopromag, Sopro Humic.

For the application of the product, Soprocal provides personalized advice to each client.

“Our main service associated with our range of products is making a complete diagnosis of the soil, starting with soil sampling, complemented with the analysis that the client or the exporter already has with their advisor,” said Germán Dassé.

“On that basis we indicate how to adjust the dose of the type of product given the condition of the soil and the type of crop or fruit tree,” he added.

“The above are programmed two months in advance. In some cases in the pre-planting and post-planting stage. We do it in our laboratory in Melipilla and with our methodology,” he said.


Agricultural Water Summit

The Agricultural Water Summit is a pioneering, first-of-its-kind event that will take place in the South American country in San Francisco de Mostazal. The event will include simultaneous translation into English.

Coming at a critical time for the global agricultural industry as it continues to battle the water crisis, the event will see an array of experts and thought leaders from Chile and the rest of the world give essential information on how the hugely challenging situation can be overcome, discussing real-world examples, innovation and technology, farming management strategies, among many other topics.

Importantly, the Agricultural Water Summit will bring together not only the Chilean agricultural industry but also academics, government representatives, and other key figures involved in the country’s water resource management.

In the same place for the first time, this meeting will foster the multi-sectoral collaboration and information sharing that has until now been lacking in the country.

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